Review: Flyte

All the way back in March of last year, I was asked to accompany some of my fellow Publishing students to cover a Sofar Sounds event in Bath and that is where I discovered my favourite band since March 2016: Flyte.

If you’ve never heard of Sofar Sounds, it’s amazing. The basic concept is: you sign up, they email you when there will be a secret gig in your area, you book a slot and make a small contribution, you buy some beers and you go and listen to amazing local talent. It’s really incredible and is such a fun experience as you only find out where you’re going the day before the gig. For example, I have been to two of Sofar Sounds’ events, one in an art gallery and one above a shop!

Anyway, Flyte are a band made up of four members, Will Taylor, Sam Berridge, Jon Supran and Nick Hill. They’re heavy on the harmonies and they’re all extremely talented yet unfortunately do not receive the attention they deserve.


My love for them stemmed from their cover of David Bowie’s ‘Five Years’ which is one of my favourites from the late legend and somehow, although it would be blasphemy to say their version was better, it still sent shivers down my spine and made my jaw gape in admiration.

Their own songs, entitled ‘Please Eloise’, ‘Closer Together’ and ‘Light Me Up’ were all released in 2015 but are the perfect songs to get you in the mood for summer.

Their newer songs, released earlier this year ‘Echoes’ and ‘Victoria Falls’ only have a more polished sounding finish which makes me all the more excited for what else is to come in the future.




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