Lusting Over: Pull & Bear

If you’re someone like me, a student, who loves to look at things they can’t afford, then you’ll understand how long people like us can procrastinate by spending hours lusting over all the gorgeous and materialistic things we want but can’t have.

Recently, I have found myself checking the Pull & Bear website more than I care to admit, constantly seeing if they’ve updated their New In page.

Pull & Bear is a seriously cool brand with funky designs and interesting takes on classic pieces. AND I LOVE THEM! So without further ado, here are my favourite items from Pull & Bear right now.

T-Shirt – £9.99                                  Denim Pinafore Dress – £25.99

Black Backpack – £19.99

Chunky Sole Crossover Sandals – £29.99

Printed Fabric Bag – £9.99

Card Holder – £5.99

Aviator-style Sunglasses with Mirror Lenses – £14.99

Have you guys ever bought anything from Pull & Bear or is this blog post the first you’ve heard of the brand? Let me know!


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