Lazy Girl’s Guide to a Dissertation

My third and final year has hit me like a tonne of bricks. Considering I’ve felt like I’ve almost breezed through uni, with minimal stress levels and lots of care-free nights out, this year has felt completely alien to me.

With less student loan because “technically you’re only a student for 9 months” as I was told by the scathingly brutal student finance people when I rang to ask why, and work up to my eyeballs, I decided to write this post giving those of you with a deadline of any sort some advice.


  • Try and start early.

This is a major downfall of mine. I tend to start assignments a week before it’s due which is NOT ENOUGH TIME. This year I wrote an essay (which was 25% of my final grade) in a day because it was only then that I decided what I was going to write my dissertation about. Needless to say any study trips and dissertation lectures were useless to me because I had no idea what topic I wanted to focus on.

  • Eat well.

When I write essays, all I want is to reward myself with a snack after every 100 words I’ve written. This is a BAD IDEA. As university is notorious for making students pile on the pounds, I can guarantee that feeling unhealthy and sluggish won’t help your writing one bit. You can find some healthy things I like to eat here.

  • It is okay to cry.

This one took me a while to realise. However, after a disastrous meeting with my dissertation tutor who basically told me to reword ALL of my diss AGAIN, I finally realised that letting your emotion out does somewhat help. After a few tears I pulled myself together and told myself “this isn’t getting you anywhere”, but I did feel slightly relieved.

  • Harass your teachers.

It is their job. They are paid to help you. Take advantage of this as much as you can. Demand face-to-face meetings, email them, hell, even DM them on Twitter if they have it. I was always too nervous to ask for help, but it really isn’t as bad as you think it is, and if you ask the right questions, they might actually be helpful.

  • Take a break once in a while.

Sometimes your brain just needs a break. It can’t take any more words or books or Word documents. Do yourself a favour and just watch some Netflix, go for a walk, read a book FOR FUN, go to the pub. Do whatever, just enjoy it, keep it limited and you’ll do great.



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